Tea Culture

Today I’ll be reviewing the tea cafe Tea Culture.


I passed by this cute looking place several times and always wanted to go in, so here I am. Today I’m sampling some green apple flavored oolong tea and honey toast with toppings.


As you can see from the tea menu there’s a wide range of ways you can have your tea, including variability in sweetness. I got 50% which seems to be perfect for me. The tea is steeped well, and you can really taste the tea, even though you have that green apple flavoring too. I never had flavored teas before, so it was an interesting experience.


The tea comes in a sealed cup so you have to pull the wrapper off the top, or you can just pierce the top with the straw. It is pointed on one side.

20160413_141146 20160413_141154

What’s tea time without a little snack? From the menus above I chose Honey Toast with strawberry sauce, strawberries, and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. I figured I picked out a sweet drink, so a sweet treat would compliment that.


The strawberries were fresh and the ice cream was soft but not melting. It was also very creamy. The strawberries and ice cream went well together, but of course, that was my choice. The honey toast remained nice and crispy the entire time I was eating it, making for a very nice experience. And of course, the presentation was beautiful.


And finally, and I consider this just as important, the bathroom. Not only was it nice and clean, but it was pretty with a few flowers for a bit of decoration. I’m not sure how I feel about a large mirror being in front of the toilet though. You can’t see yourself in it, however.

Tea Culture isn’t open til 12pm, but it’s open til 11pm Sunday through Thursday¬†and 12am Friday and Saturday.

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